Diverse partnerships

The engagement and support of a range of partners is crucial to effectively tackling key issues across economics, equality, and the environment. Together with them, we achieve more in tea.  

 Diverse partnerships

Tea’s issues are complex. They are caused by a multitude of factors and cannot be addressed by one stakeholder alone.

To achieve our mission, we work with a range of organisations spanning the whole supply chain, including producers, brands, and retailers, along with those organisations who create enabling environment, such as governments, tea boards and unions.

We also collaborate with stakeholders who have direct access to workers and farmers, international development organisations, grassroots NGOs, government organisations, technical experts, and certification bodies.

By convening the sector and developing deep relationships, we can work together to drive positive change for everyone in tea.

Our partners 

Private sector

We work with the private sector to instil best practice in tea and ensure business is a force for good. Our members include packers, traders, and retailers and we work with producers, trade associations, and other businesses beyond the tea sector to ensure shared learning and impact.  


Tea producers across Africa and Asia play a key role in developing and executing our projects, and we support them to recognise the value in balancing commercial interests with sustainability.  

Public sector

Our work with the public sector is vital to our mission – particularly on a local, project level, to ensure the impact of our initiatives are sustainable and last beyond our initial support.

Civil society 

Civil society partners include NGOs, certifying bodies, and implementing partners. We work with them to challenge the status quo and support them by providing the institutional capacity to implement and deliver projects.