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The Sri Lanka government progressed a National Framework for Sustainable Fuelwood in tea

Date of change: May 2023
Outcome statement

In May 2023, The Ministry of Plantation Industries (MPI) requested support from ETP to establish a roadmap and funding for its National Framework for Sustainable Biomass Sourcing and Growing. The MPI also commenced its revision of its fuelwood harvesting approval process, addressing issues around practices for sourcing biomass and to improve traceability. That same month, the MPI established an expert committee to implement sustainable biomass energy projects at plantations. The committee identified five pilot projects to be initiated.


3- Significant change that may lead to achieving areas of ETP’s Theory of Change

ETP’s contribution

ETP implemented a GIZ-funded project on Energy Efficiency in 2019 on carbon neutral tea in Sri Lanka. After, ETP coordinated the delivery of a study to understand issues around sourcing for biomass and to demonstrate the risk factors associated with current practices. In December 2020, ETP supported the industry to understand the study’s recommendations, and identify next steps and responsibilities.

Level of contribution

Medium-our work is important to achieving this outcome though there are other actors/actors involved/contributed.