Sector Change Evidence |Kenya | Environment, Equality

Recommendations submitted to address equality and environmental gaps in the Kenya Draft National Tea Policy

Date of change: February 2023
Outcome statement

In February 2023, the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) submitted a set of recommendations, jointly developed with ETP and Trust Africa, to the Tea Board of Kenya and the State Department of Agriculture to address equality and environment gaps identified in its Draft National Tea Policy. These are being considered in the development of a revised Policy.


2- Notable change on the journey to achieving areas of ETP’s Theory of Change

ETP’s contribution

ETP conducted an analysis of the Draft National Tea Policy and developed recommendations for policymakers during a workshop that convened women’s rights organisations and other local stakeholders. EATTA submitted these recommendations to government stakeholders.

Level of contribution

Medium-our work is important to achieving this outcome though there are other actors/actors involved/contributed.