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Increased awareness and sector-wide collaboration to address key sustainability challenges in Rwanda

Date of change: Late 2023
Outcome statement

In late 2023, tea sector stakeholders in Rwanda took a more collaborative approach – a marked shift from previous siloed working. This sparked numerous tea companies’ interest to participate in projects in Rwanda and to increase awareness on local key challenges. Following ETP’s 2023 Rwanda Tea Roundtable, ETP met with Rwanda’s National Agricultural Export Development Board to discuss how to take forward the priority actions identified during the event.

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1- First step towards achieving areas of ETP’s Theory of Change

ETP’s contribution

ETP organised the 2023 Rwanda Tea Roundtable, and convened stakeholders to identify the sustainability challenges facing the Rwandan tea sector to initiate industry-wide collaboration. As a result of the Roundtable, several meetings have been held to continue discussions and progress the actions identified during the event.

Level of contribution

Medium-our work is important to achieving this outcome though there are other actors/actors involved/contributed.