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Improved supply chain disclosure within ETP’s membership

Date of change: September 2023
Outcome statement

By September 2023, 16 members had consented for their supply chain data to be published online, demonstrating willingness to move forward with improved disclosure in the tea sector. Of the 16 companies, several had not previously publicly disclosed their supply chain information and had been uncertain about doing so.

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3- Significant change that may lead to achieving areas of ETP’s Theory of Change

ETP’s contribution

ETP engaged its members to highlight the value of supply chain data disclosure. ETP hosted several member-only webinars on supply chain transparency, which included member-to-member shared learning. ETP’s support to members in response to a campaign led by the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in May 2023, increasing consumer demand, and legislative changes were also likely to have contributed.

Level of contribution

Medium-our work is important to achieving this outcome though there are other actors/actors involved/contributed.