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Growing members’ interest and demand towards Human Right Due Diligence

Date of change: 2022 and 2023
Outcome statement

Since 2022, six ETP members from North America and the EU have requested our guidance with embedding Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) principles. This includes establishing ESG committees internally. In December 2023, ETP’s Board requested us to research how we can play a role in supporting members to meet HRDD requirements.


3- Significant change that may lead to achieving areas of ETP’s Theory of Change

ETP’s contribution

Increased global HRDD legislation has played a key role in companies seeking guidance. ETP’s ongoing investments in private sector change and policy work has positioned us a credible partner for support, even before legislation has come into play. ETP’s Communications, Policy, Private Sector Change, and Programme teams have offered support to members such as policy factsheets, member-only webinars, tailored one-to-one support, and memos and newsletters outlining legislative updates.

Level of contribution

Low-we contributed to the outcome but may have happened without our work (actors also involved).