Tata Consumer Products represents the food and beverages interests of the Tata Group, and is parent to well-loved tea brands Tetley, teapigs, and Good Earth.

Tetley, the 2nd largest tea brand globally, is a British icon with a heritage of more than 180 years. Born in 1837, the brand was founded by the Yorkshire-based Tetley brothers, and joined the Tata Consumer Products family in 2000. Over the following decades, Tetley has gone from strength to strength. The brand has grown its presence in over 40 countries, including key markets such as the UK, Canada and the US, with millions of people enjoying the great taste of Tetley every day.

Teapigs was launched by tea lovers, Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby, in 2006, with funding from Tata Consumer Products. The aim was simple — to get the UK drinking better quality tea. Teapigs wanted to provide tea that was more relevant to the modern tea drinker. In 2018, Teapigs became the first tea brand in the UK to use the Plastic Free logo on its tea temple range.

Good Earth is a drinks brand that celebrates doing things out of the ordinary! It’s on a mission to bring people closer to nature through flavours from around the world. From Good Earth’s bold teas bursting with flavour, its products open up a new world of taste – with the best ingredients Good Earth can find, doing the best it can for the planet too.