Alfons Kuster founded his coffee roasting plant at the upper end of Lake Zurich in 1908. Even back then, the attention to detail was enormous, just the way it is today.

Much has changed since then, but it remains vitally important to Sirocco that the spirit of this venerable tradition lives on alongside modern and sustainable methods of cultivation and processing. Because precisely for this reason, one coffee is different from another and tea is not simply tea. And precisely the reason why our palate knows the difference. And, with every drop, savours this reminder of tradition.

Tradition runs not only through the partnerships Sirocco cultivates with its growers – often going back many years – but also in the loyalty of its customers: in some cases, these go back decades and even over a century. Today, Sirocco export its products to well-known hotels and leading airlines in Switzerland, Europe, and Asia.